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A Complete Review on the TV Series, “My Extraordinary”

In the aftermath of the pandemic, the innovative minds of filmmakers and creators in the BL genre are making what promises to be some of the most thought-provoking and groundbreaking BL series in the Philippines. This development can no longer be endearing and promising since many movies and series discussion sites on the Internet are full of positive arguments that the new BL series is a valuable time for viewers.

With the advent of creating masterpiece-worthy TV Boys Love series, we have My Extraordinary! This review will focus on this TV series and how well it did for its highly-anticipating Boys Love fans. Let’s look at them now!

Overview of “My Extraordinary”

My Extraordinary is the first BL (Boys Love) series on Philippine TV, featuring Enzo Santiago as Ken and Darwin Yu as Shake. The series is directed by Dir. Jolo Atienza, published by Vincent DeJesus, and created by AsterisK Digital Entertainment. The series had its teaser in August on TV5 (free TV), Colors (cable), and through the AsterisK Internet Entertainment Platform (YouTube), reaching both local and international viewers.

So, the plot goes something like this: Ken is a famous, excellently-natured college-sophomore who stumbles upon Shake, a timid freshman & college scholar, via a basketball match fight. Since they have resolved their misconceptions, the two boys are instantly attracted to one another. While Shake & Ken’s close friends help their blooming interpersonal partnership, Sandee (played by Karissa Toliongco), Ken’s childhood friend becomes envious, asking his traditional widowed mother — preventing their romantic love affair. Relationships are compromised & friction mounts at home, Shake & Ken finally find their way out. In an unfamiliar twist, the repentant Sandee becomes a link and helps reunite Shake & Ken.

Although the Thai, Japanese, and Taiwanese BL (Boys Love) series have ruled the BL world stage, Filipino fans have become their most passionate supporters. Now, it’s time for Asia’s ethnic melting pot to unleash its own BL drama show. Wanting to amaze the BL fans around the world, AsterisK Digital Entertainment and TV-5 unleashed this BL drama around the Philippine archipelago.

The TV series started on Sunday, 27th of September 2020, and is set to end on Sunday as well, 15th of November 2020, totaling up to 8 episodes.

Below is the ensemble of the series:

Main characters:

  • Darwin Yu (acting as Shake)
  • Enzo Santiago (acting as Ken, originally intended as Jonas in the TV series’s early stages)

Supporting characters:

  • Kayden Soriano (acting as Jayvee)
  • Z Mejia (acting as Lawrence)
  • Samuel Cafranca (acting as Mike)
  • Philip Dulla (acting as Kevin)
  • Keijee Mesina (acting as Heaven)
  • John Cortez (acting as Romeo)
  • Yayo Aguila (acting as Monica)
  • Karissa Toliongco (acting as Sandee)
  • Catcat Sanchez (acting as Teresa)
  • Jojit Lorenzo (acting as Macaspac)

Other casts (coming soon!)

  • EJ Coronel
  • Christine Lim
  • Kamille Filoteo
  • Kate Ludovice
  • Miguel Diokno
  • Stanley Abuloc
  • Trajan Moreno
  • Dennah Bautista
  • Allen Macawile

How did My Extraordinary go?

First of all, the TV series My Extraordinary was planned by some of the biggest names in the field of BL cinematography. Kristian Kabigting, an exceptional writer and the CEO of AsterisK Digital Entertainment, is heading this latest TV sequence. Although the complete synopsis of My Incredible is yet to be revealed, preview posters and tweets refer to “connections in the past.” It may have anything to do about the existence of our 2 BL characters, where ‘lies’ play heavily as a kind of emotional jargon. The key roles are Enzo Santiago and Darwin Yu.

The actor behind the character Shake, Darwin Jefferson Gonzales Yu is a result of ABS-CBN acting seminars, is a young actor with regularity and zeal. In 2017, he was seen in his first independent picture, First Sem. It was an official entry to the CineFilipino Film Festival and opened the way for Yu to be nominated for Best Actor at the Madrid International Film Festival in 2018. He plays the part of a rural boy who has yet to start on a lifetime of exploration when he studies at a renowned university in Manila.

This coming-of-age film helps Yu to deliver an acting tour de force as he rebelled against his dominant mother and insists on studying locally. What strikes me most is that during their Twitter Q&A, Yu seems to be a quiet man, while his casting partner Enzo Santiago dominates the conversation.

My Extraordinary is the first BL story created locally broadcasted on free TV. The series was unveiled on TV5 on September 27, and episodes will go live every 11 p.m.

Enzo Santiago

Image from IG of @21_enzo

“This is to guide viewers on the challenges that LGBTQIA members are going through, especially on acceptance issues. And many homosexual people, it took a long time to be recognized, along with a lot of heartaches. On the other side, this tale also teaches us not to give up on our relatives, no matter what,” Enzo said.

Darwin Yu

Image from IG of @darwinyu_ph

For Darwin, 21, collaborating on “My Exceptional” was a blessing to the LGBT culture. “The series is attempting to teach the viewers to get rid of bigotry,” he added.

“In truth, I expect this to have its bashers. I just want to hear, ‘Watch it first. Only give this show a shot. Be open-minded,” Darwin added.

Conclusion of the review

The TV series, “My Extraordinary” is easily one of the best BL series that will testify to the expertise of TV BL cinematic producers and creators. The premiere of this series went very great, refreshing, and promising as thousands of BL fans watched the first episode on TV5! Additionally, the actors and actresses are just extraordinarily talented and innovative, sending the message of normalizing the state and role of LGBTQ+community. All in all, great start for a TV BL series, definitely 10/10!

However, “My Extraordinary” is still in the works, and there is more to come, so check out their future casts and plot twists that are worthy of watching! Consider checking out this TV5’s website or your TV and mark your calendars for the upcoming episodes!


My Extraordinary image from IG of @asterisk_ph

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